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Cheeky Bee Candle Company Inc.Cheeky Bee Candle Company Inc.
Beeswax candles--long lasting, clean burning, all natural. hand crafted in Ontario, Canada. We still, use the timeless methods that our chandler ancestors have used over the last 4000 years. Each candle is hand poured, hand dripped, hand dipped and hand finished.
Discount Candles, Candle Supplies, Candle Holders, Votives, Tapers, and Pillars Candles at Discount Candle Shop!
Floating Candles, Floating Candle Bowls, Floating Tealights, Floating Candle Flowers and Floating Candles Shapes at!

Beeswax Candles with Pressed Flowers. In a quiet, romantic room the golden glow of a GlowPots is spellbinding. Gentle candlelight fills your room with a soft, subtle glow that will relax and soothe you. Waves of peace and relaxation wash over you as the candlelight softly flickers.
Church Candles, Candle Supplies, Drip Protectors, Easter Candles, Wedding and Unity Candles at Holy Candle!
Holiday Candles, Halloween Candles, Christmas Candles, Chanukah Candles, Seasonal Candles, Summer Candles, and Winter Candles at Seasonal Candle!

Bee Natural. Honeypot Orbs
Botanical pots and carved pots. Honeypots come in botanical designs which use only real locally picked and pressed flowers and leaves and also in a variety of carved patterns. Honeypots are equally captivating whether viewed in natural daylight or aglow from the votive candle which is included. Honeypots come in small and large size.

Double Brush-Sushi Candles
We have the largest selection of sushi candles packaged in gift sets and party favors. Handmade Feng shui elements candles, coffee gift baskets, coffee candles, tropical candles, ocean candles, and other unique gifts all designed and handmade on the island of Hawaii.

Honeystone Candles
We create fine art, hand crafted gifts and collectable pure natural beeswax floating flower candles, tapers, figurines and ornaments.

Illuminous Times Scented Soy Candles
A soy candle company offering longer, cleaner burning candles that are highly scented and made with 100% cotton wicks. The perfect site to look for unique gifts!

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